According to Prairie Public News the Bismarck Airport is looking into expanding the terminal and adding about 250 parking spaces. The Bismarck Airport had record number of boarding passengers in the last ten years. The airport is looking into adding more parking spaces. The airport manager Greg Haug said, "We have to kind of work to find places to park all the cars." This past christmas Haug said he saw record numbers of cars being parked at the Bismarck Airport. This summer the airport will get ready for a terminal area study. Haug said it's time we start looking at expanding the terminal. During peak times of the year it tends to get pretty packed inside the terminal. Haug said the gates get full at times and "We're getting to a point where we need some more gates, as well as boarding area space." Personally, it would be awesome if the Bismarck Airport would expand and add more flights.

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