A warning from Firefighters.  You should never, ever leave an empty glass or plastic bottle in a vehicle.

Why?  It's something I've never even thought of to be honest.  More on that in a moment.

We are looking at another 90-plus-degree day in Bismarck Mandan again today.  We all know how quickly cars, trucks, and vans can heat up on summer days.

It literally feels like a furnace when you enter a Bismarck Mandan vehicle after an hour or so on a day like today.  However, all that heat isn't the potentially dangerous problem in this case.  It's the sunlight itself.

Leaving a clear glass or plastic bottle in your vehicle in the hot summer could actually ignite a fire.


That's a right, a fire that could start in the interior of your vehicle, according to an article in the Kitchn.

I know I'm guilty of leaving empty bottles laying around in my vehicle from time to time. 

Not anymore, time to clean up the clutter.  Firefighters in the article are warning drivers about the hazard that clear water bottle pose.

They act as a magnifying glass.  If the sun hits it just right, it can cause temperatures to go as high as 250 degrees F.  Such high temps could cause your vehicle to go up in smoke.  A potential fire could start in the interior of your vehicle in places like fabric seats or mats.

Tests were conducted by Oklahoma's Midwest City Fire Department on how water bottles magnify sunlight.

YIKES!  Time for a change.

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