The wait is over. The new South Bearscat location is now open.  I'm sure you noticed construction started some time ago; well, now it is finally complete.

The new Bearscat location sits behind the South Starbucks on the corner of South 2nd street, just down from Captain Jack's and Dan's Supermarket.

The business just announced the official open on its Facebook page.

Never Too Much

You can never have too much coffee or too many doughnuts, so go nuts. Go nuts for doughnuts. -- Sorry, I had to work that in somehow.


When I spoke to Kevin Cavanaugh, the owner, he told me the reason behind opening a second Bismarck location was to be more accessible. He said Bismarck is growing, as is the demand for delicious Bearscat doughnuts.

Fast forward a few months and here we are. The day has come. The doors are open. People are pounding pastries. Life is good.

How Many Are There?

So, we know there is a Bearscat in Mandan, and another in North Bismarck; did you know, that including this new South location, there are now a total of 7 Bearscats? This one is the third one they opened this year.

What's different?

When I spoke to Cavanaugh, he was excited for people to know that this location will have a sort of cinnamon twist, if you will. This location is the only one in the Bisman with a pull-up drive through.

Gone are the days of getting out in the negative whatever, artic circle, weather to get our doughnut fix. We can finally just pull up and go.


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