According to a story I saw on Business Insider a bacon and hot dog shortage is coming to America this summer.  Look out, are you telling me no hot dogs or brats for 4th of July cookout?  No sizzling bacon in the frying pan on Sunday mornings as you're awoken to that delicious aroma?  Tell me this isn't true?  Well, I guess my arteries are happy anyway.

So, why is this shortage happening anyway?

I can handle not having toilet paper, but no bacon?  What's the deal with that?  As usual, it's being blamed on the coronavirus pandemic.  40 meat processing plants were forced to close at some point during the early part of the pandemic.  Those plants are working overtime as people prepare for summer cookouts and BBQ's.  Even corn on the cob is also in short supply, because of previous bad weather that affected sweet corn crops.  You can at least grow your own corn on the cob.  Bacon however, unless you got your own pigs running around your property, you're probably out of luck.

However, I decided to reach out to our very own Cloverdale Meats in Mandan. 

Cloverdale has been around a long time, a 100-year-old company, who's purpose is to craft flavorful, premium meats that bring lasting memories to your family.  I spoke with one of their representatives, and first of all Cloverdale never shut down during the pandemic.  They took COVID-19 very seriously and had no issues.  They've been exceeding production and they expect no shortages in our area.

Take a deep breath, the hot dogs, bacon and other meats WILL be there in our grocery stores this summer.  No need to hoard.  My day just got better, how about you?


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