Are You Ready For The Summer?  Bismarck Parks and Recreation has started cleaning pools to get ready for the summer.  We're all looking forward to getting out of the house and Summer pool season is a fun way to beat the heat.  Unfortunately, the pools will not be open early next week, as temperatures are supposed to be tickling the 90 degree mark.

The good news is that the pools ARE going to open, as the Bismarck Parks and Recreation department is planning for a June 1 opening, but there are a few safety concerns that they need to get in order first.  The department says they're waiting on health and safety guidance before fully forming their protocol. They are also considering limiting the number of swimmers in the pool at one time to protect people from the spread of COVID-19.

My only question is, doesn't chlorine pretty much kill everything?  That's why they add it to pools.  According to Bismarck Parks and Recreation Facilities Manager Mike Wald, "The number one thing is to keep the patrons and our staff safe. The CDC has guidelines for swimming pools and we're following those as well. Once we get all that in place, we're going to be ready to go."  Wald says the safety requirements would be followed at all three Bismarck park pool locations.

Personally, local swimming pools are not a place that I would be worried about when it comes to Covid 19 or any other virus.  Besides, with all of the pee in public pools, Covid doesn't stand a chance!  Are You Ready For The Summer?

For more information on parks and pools opening, you can check the Bismarck Parks and Recreation website:

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