You know the saying, pets look like their owners, considering that fact, that could be a good comment or not. There seems to be a nationwide problem as of late with our pets gaining too much weight.

Express Newspapers / GETTY IMAGES
Express Newspapers / GETTY IMAGES

With as much snow as we have in Bismarck, not to mention the bitterly cold temperatures, most of our pets are not getting as much exercise as they should and that means gaining too much weight or to put it bluntly, GETTING FAT!

Here's an interesting fact, if you're lucky enough to have pet insurance, people who have pet insurance are filing more claims for treatment of conditions associated with obesity. Pet insurance is a new concept but is catching on nationwide. If you've taken your pet to a vet lately, you know even the simplest procedure can be hundreds if not thousands of dollars. After all, we consider out pets as members of our family.

The biggest issue with overweight dogs is arthritis and according to one report, treatment for this condition can be as expensive as $300. For an overweight cat, issues can develop with bladder or urinary tract infections and this treatment can be as high as $500.

First and foremost, it's important for your animals to stay as active as you can make them in these winter conditions and as difficult as it may be, it's BEST not to give your dog table scraps, regardless of how much they beg or give you those sad puppy eyes

The American Veterinary Medical Association has resources to help you with over-weight pet issues.


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