There is a group in town that is doing amazing things for people in need. This nonprofit group silently goes about their day taking care of so many important issues that many of us take for granted. Every city in this country, big or small, NEEDS resources for all ages. Bismarck is lucky to have YouthWorks - an organization that helps runaways, the homeless, trafficking - there is an emergency shelter for kids under 18. KXNET just recently visited this amazing place, that's been around since 1984, and the Transitional Living Program coordinator Tesa Curtiss had this to say “I would say we’ve been fairly busy this year during the pandemic helping to find emergency shelter for some of these young adults who we’ve come across.”  In the years prior to this disastrous virus, YouthWorks has had several holiday events that residents could attend - Social distancing guidelines have put an almost immediate halt to that. Here is where WE come in.

This wonderful haven of dedicated workers needs OUR help - donations are needed for the upcoming season. Caitlin Schafer, the Parenting Pathways coordinator, mentioned several vital necessities that are needed - such as diapers, wipes, bottles, formula - items that don't run cheap, are ways that we can all help donate. Everything you may think "is no big deal", REALLY is a big deal.

 Michelle Fischer, an Administrative assistant at YouthWorks, said it best when I spoke to her on the phone this afternoon - her passion is helping kids who come in that are lost, feeling unwanted, defeated in life, and eventually leave feeling full of hope. That is the greatest gift you can give to anyone - unconditional patience, desire, and love. YouthWorks is a special organization, with talented, unselfish employees who give their hearts and soul to individuals in need.

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