Have you been to any of the local gun dealers and noticed that the shelves with the shells on are kind of bare? I've been to multiple places and every place I go to all the shelves are empty or almost empty. The most common shells that are out at all these places are 9mm and 223's. Most everyone is especially after the 9mm but there are some that are after the 223's.

There are many rumors going around and ammo can always be in jepeordy any year that there's an incoming new administration. Any time there's a new president or administration people tend to buy more ammo. There's always a lot of uncertanties any time somone new comes in but sometimes I think people go a little overboard.

It's been a crazy year with covid-19 and the election was one that had some people really nervous and that's why there's no shells on the shelves. Many people are hoping that in the near future this gets straightened out and that there's shells on the shelves but no one really knows.

This isn't the first time that there has been a shell shortage in the United States I remember not so many years ago when 22 short and 22 long rifle ammo was hard to find. As I say about the ammo shortage this year it sucks because what good does buying a gun do if you can't buy ammo. As I say it's like going to the hardware store and buying a hammer and no nails.



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