I spent a little time at the store the other day, buying some shotgun shells for a possible Snow goose hunt this weekend.  I was a bit surprised to see people lined up 10 deep buying guns and ammunition.  When I checked out, the guy at the register said I was his first customer without a handgun or ammunition.  The following day at that same store, they even had the gun department roped off to help contain the chaos?

Just as grocery stores have been stripped bare by Americans panicked by coronavirus, guns and ammunition have started flying off the shelves. Retailers say the buying frenzy is being fueled by consumers who are worried that people are becoming so desperate and unpredictable, they need to ensure they can protect themselves.

Sales spiked in a matter of days, industry experts say. Some of the purchases are made by people buying their first firearm. Others are existing gun owners adding to their collection or stocking up on ammunition after seeing grocery stores depleted, schools closed and big events canceled.

It certainly makes you wonder what is the mind set of these people hoarding guns and ammo?  Let me preface by saying that I'm a hunter and firmly believe in the second amendment.  I realize it's important to be prepared but there's a difference from that and paranoia right?  Are these people planning on going door-to-door to find toilet paper with guns drawn?  Is this strictly for protection from other crazies?  Either way it's a bit unsettling.

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