I was sweating away last nights beers on the elliptical over the lunch hour, and I caught a story on ESPN's Sports Center.  They were running down a list of NFL teams in the Aaron Rodgers sweepstakes.  Even though the Green Bay Packers organization has said repeatedly, "We're not trading Aaron Rodgers."  You know how it goes, everybody likes to speculate.

The New Orleans Saints came up, Oakland Raider and few others.  However, the team most likely to get a crack at Aaron Rodgers according to ESPN?  The Denver Broncos.  Yeah, the Broncs...Bismarck Mandan's 2nd, maybe 3rd favorite team, behind the Minnesota Vikings and ironically, the Green Bay Packers.  It would likely cost them a ransom of first round picks for several years, along with some other current players on their roster.

The Denver Broncos have a new General Manager, and it's unknown if he would want to mortgage his future on such a trade.  Plus, the Green Bay Packers front office would have to change their tune, and agree to trade Rodgers.  Aaron Rodgers has been unhappy with the Packers front office for awhile, and there's been several reports in the last couple of weeks, that ARodg wants out of Green Bay.

I guess I figured he would end up with the Minnesota Vikings someday, much like Brett Favre finished out his career in Minnesota.  Then again, Brett did play one year with the New York Jets before his final two years with Minnesota.  So, I guess there's a chance we could see Rodgers in purple someday?

The Denver Broncos by the way, can be heard right here in Bismarck Mandan on Super Talk 1270 am.  We'll see how this all plays out.  I think Rodgers in Denver would be a great fit.


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