Imagine the excitement I had when I noticed a new Pizza Hut at the corner of 12th and Bismarck Expressway. I was thinking, YES, finally, a food delivery that can come out to my house.


After all, I only live 3 miles from the new restaurant which is located across from Cash-Wise Foods, in the strip-mall where Pub 21 is located.

My excitement was quickly spoiled when I called for a delivery, to find out, I was still too far out of town for a hot pizza pie delivery.

I did order and went pick up my food order, just to discover once I returned home, my order was wrong. Not only did I have the disappointment of living outside the delivery area, I would doubly saddened where I received the wrong pizza.

For those of you living South of Burleigh Avenue and at the campus of University of Mary, you are still at the mercy of Food Dudes Delivery and the outrageous cost of that service.

Don;t get me wrong, I used Food Dudes once, and my order was correct, and my food was hot, it's just the added expense of their service, added to the tip, a regular $30 restaurant meal, quickly becomes $50+. And that is not an exaggeration.

To place your order at the new 12th Street location of Pizza Hut, you can order online or call 701 258 1100, 2020 N 12th St.

Don't expect delivery if you live one inch south of Burleigh Ave. It won't happen and after speaking to the manager on location, I was informed, Pizza Hut Corporate determines  the delivery area.

Regardless, I'm sure there are many people excited to live in the delivery area, even though, I'm not one of those. I'd be excited if they would get my order correct, after I travel 3 miles to pick it up.



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