A very popular restaurant & convenience store is now offering a $5,000 new employee signing bonus.

This is definitely a sign of the times.  In fact, you see this more and more from area businesses as they try to entice people to work.  It's also an incentive to maybe get potential new hires to flip jobs, as North Dakota currently has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire country.

One restaurant and convenience store just outside of Mandan wants to give you some serious cash for signing on with them.

Rolling Hills  Restaurant & the convenience store next door (Pilot-Flying J) are both offering A $5,000 dollar signing bonus currently.

Rolling Hills Restaurant
Rolling Hills Restaurant

I spoke with a manager this morning and he told me they are looking for cooks and servers at the Rolling Hills restaurants.  The signing bonus is also good at the Pilot-Flying J convenience store, where a variety of openings are currently being offered.

Of course, there are stipulations in receiving the $5,000 bonus.

The manager I spoke to didn't know all of them but said he believed you had to stay on the job for a certain number of months (he didn't know the exact number) and you couldn't violate any conduct policies.

The Pilot-Flying J by the way, has one of the best breakfasts in all of Bismarck Mandan in my opinion.

If you have never had it before, the cheesy hashbrowns are to die for, along with their eggs, bacon & sausage.  It's a must-stop on the way to the lake to fish or if we're heading west to hunt in my family.

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