We thought it would be fun to find country songs with 'North Dakota' in the lyrics. To our surprise, we found quite a few! 

Lyrics.net allows you to search song lyrics for specific words. Some were more obvious with 'North Dakota' in the title, and some we had never heard before. Here is what we found:

  • 1

    North Dakota Boy

    Doc Walker

    'North Dakota boy in Tennessee/ That singing town had got the best of me'

  • 2

    North Dakota

    Lyle Lovett

    'The boys from North Dakota/ They drink whiskey for their fun'

  • 3

    Across America

    Nanci Griffith

    'From the plains of North Dakota/ To the Gulf of Mexico'

  • 4

    Alabama, Louisiana or Maybe Tennessee

    Buck Owens

    'North Dakota, Minnesota or Washington DC/ Anyplace that I can find to lose your memory'

  • 5

    Highway Headin' South

    Porter Wagoner or Dolly Parton

    'North Dakota you've got my better years/ Montana you've got five years of my life'

  • 6

    Like A Rose

    Ashley Monroe

    'Ran off with what's his name when I turned 18/ He got me out of North Dakota, but it didn't change a thing'

  • 7

    The Shake

    Neal McCoy

    'Mobile, Alabama/ Phoenix, Arizona/ Bismarck, North Dakota'

  • 8

    'From Minnesota to across the plains to North Dakota/ And from Kennebunkport out to Kalamazoo'

  • 9

    Welcome to Nashville

    Halfway to Hazard

    'Now Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota, Alabama, Mississippi, Carolina'

  • 10


    Kip Moore

    'Alabama, Chi Town, Dakota, Badlands/ The heart of the heartlands'

  • 11

    What I Call Home

    Colt Ford

    'North and South Dakota, might even hit up Alaska'

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