Spring has sprung in North Dakota

I don't know about you but I sure do love a warm spring day.  Something about seeing the river opening up, strings and strings of Canada geese heading north, and the warmth of March sun on your skin, that sure does feel good (I know it's not officially spring yet but close enough).

The first official day of spring is this Sunday, March 20th, when we might see 60 plus degrees.  I can't wait for that, maybe some fishing up on Nelson for me this weekend?  It won't be long and we'll be on the river chasing walleyes too.

I"m a pretty observant guy and I decided to come up with 10 things North Dakotans do when the weather warms above 50 degrees.  Let's see how many of these you have seen for yourself?

10 Things North Dakotans Do When It's Above 50 Degrees

1.  Grill:  Heck, I'll grill out on the deck if it's in the upper 30s, but that's me.

2.  Ditch the Jacket:  I went for a walk the other day with my dog with only a t-shirt on.  It felt so good!

3.  Complain that ice fishing is nearly over:  You know what they say about ice fishing?  It's for people with really bad marriages.

4.  Talk about the weather with EVERYONE:  Let's face it, we love to talk weather in North Dakota.  Either b*tch about it or talk about how nice it is outside.  What else would we talk to convenience store employees about?

5.  Clean out the garage:  Get all that salt, sand, and dirt out after a long winter.

6.  Clean your vehicle:  Time to get all that mud, sand, and other disgusting things cleaned out of your car/truck because it was too cold to do so during the winter.

7.  Go for a long walk/run:  As I get older I love going for walks (I used to be a runner).  Soak up that vitamin D and get a sense of well-being.

8.  Wear shorts:  Heck, you'll see these on a warm 30-degree day in February, but it's officially shorts season in North Dakota.

9.  Go shopping for gardening supplies:  I actually really enjoy working in the yard.  If I could just find a way to get a pine tree to grow in my yard.

10.  Put out the patio furniture:  True, it could still snow but it won't last right.  We love our deck parties in North Dakota.



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