I'm just going to jump right in. *Insert swan dive*


1. People That Complain About The Lark's Friday Night Fireworks

Question: Can we just have one cute thing? Why is it, that people who chose and continue to choose to live near the ballpark complain about this every Summer?

We get it; you don't like it. Move on and let everyone else enjoy the summertime fireworks.


2. Mean People On Bismarck/Mandan/North Dakota Facebook Pages

Be gone trolls!!!

This might very well be the cringiest thing on this list. There are people who've made it their mission to cut down anyone they encounter on the internet.

While they are disagreeable (putting it nicely) online, these are the same people that smile at you at the grocery store.

The great deceivers!!!! These people would never say the mean things they post to your face, but give them a keyboard and a couple of Busch Lights, and get ready to see the worst of society displayed in text.


3. Annoying DJ's That Write Articles

I'd be remiss not to bring this up. Are we annoying on occasion? -Yes. Do we readily admit it? --All the time.

I was told the other day, that we're like the TMZ of North Dakota. I am unashamed to write this article! Baulk all you want, but remember, you're the one reading it right now bahahhahahaha.

Call us names, say we know nothing; we'll cry in our cars on the way to work, then shake it off.

But seriously, it's like... we have our jobs, and you have yours, ya know?


4. Bad Parking

Welcome to the land of "Lines don't matter" and "Dented doors a-plenty." We have a whole Facebook page dedicated to publicly shaming the bad parkers around town.

We need to work on this, probably.


5. People Who Can't Figure Out Roundabouts

If we're being perfectly honest, I am one of these people. I hear we're an annoying type. I just grip the top of my steering wheel and scream until I get to the other side.


All The Businesses Closing

Don't get me wrong, we have plenty of businesses opening around town, but several stores and restaurants have disappeared lately. That's not to mention all the staffing issues.


6. Potholes

Our roads take a beating. I don't blame anyone for this; it happens. We have snow, ice, and salt all making this an issue.

I can't quite describe the feeling you get after you sink one of your tires into a massive pothole, but I can tell you, once it happens, you're ALERT.

I'm at 10 and 2 with a gorilla grip, and I'm grinding my teeth so hard, my jaw hurts later. It's the worst.


7. Grocery Stores

Look, I love that there are so many places I can go to get what I need. I love the convenience of it, but I can't tell you how many times someone has told me to meet them at the grocery store and I've gone to the wrong one.


It's like whack-a-mole; my car is the mallet and the stores are the ever-elusive moles.

8. Everything Closes Early

Maybe I'm crazy, and I'm fully willing to accept that as a possibility, but SO many places close at like 8pm. There aren't a lot of places that do the 24-hour thing. It's kind of a bummer.


9. Cold Weather

This one is obvious, but you can't make a list like this and not include the weather. We have the worst winters in the country. --That's not just me saying so; Thrillist says so. --Take that for what it's worth.

We only get a few good months before we shelter up for the cold. Oh, and we don't waste those warm weather months; when summer hits, North Dakotans start living la vida loca.


10. Bad Winter Driving

It's like every Winter we act brand new. It happens every year. It snows. Some of us never learn. Tsk tsk.

That's All Folks!!!



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