Your Weekly Coronavirus Happenings:

Concern In China As Mystery Virus Spreads
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Coronavirus Nurse Gets Married In Hazmat Wedding Dress: Business Insider says a nurse from Wuhan, China recently got married while taking a break from caring for coronavirus victims. Tang Xing Xing wore a wedding dress and veil made from a hazmat suit and carried a bouquet made of rubber gloves. Co-workers helped her plan and design her wedding. Tang did not marry her boyfriend and instead, exchanged vows with a fellow co-worker, who was standing in for her groom.  Her co-worker said, "I will take care of you, love you, and respect you forever. If you are the angel that saves people, then I will be the feathers in your wings to support you and be with you."

Quarantined Coronavirus Victims Getting Free iPhones: The Japanese Ministry of Health is distributing 2000 iPhones to the passengers quarantined on a Princess cruise ship near Japan. Each cabin will receive one iPhone so passengers can access Japan's health app. They will be able to chat with doctors while being quarantined.

Coronavirus Escape Artist Being Sued: The NY Post says a Russian woman is being sued for escaping from a hospital in St Petersburg, Russia. Alla Ilyina recently returned from China and was being quarantined because of the coronavirus. She short-circuited an electric door and left the hospital. St Petersburg's Chief Sanitary Physician filed the lawsuit because Alla broke quarantine regulations.

New Coronavirus Test Kit: The NY Post claims China's Nankai University has developed a new rapid test kit for the coronavirus. The kit produces results in just 15 minutes. More than 71,000 people around the world are infected with the coronavirus. Over 1,700 have died.

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