Your Weekly Coronavirus Happenings:

Concern In China As Mystery Virus Spreads
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Armed Men Steal Toilet Paper Because of Coronavirus: Yahoo News claims an armed gang stole hundreds of toilet paper rolls yesterday in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is currently experiencing a toilet paper shortage due to the coronavirus. A delivery man was unloading the toilet paper at a grocery store when the trio of knife-wielding men stole his load. Police have released surveillance video in hopes someone will identify the thieves.

Hackers Using Coronavirus To Steal Personal Info: The Santa Rosa Gazette claims hackers are using the coronavirus to steal people's personal information. The Okaloosa County, Florida Sheriff's Office says,  “They’ve crafted their phishing emails to look like they’re coming from health officials such as doctors or national agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some of these emails suggest clicking a link to view information about ‘new coronavirus cases around your city.' Other emails suggest downloading the attached PDF file to ‘learn about safety measures you can take against spreading the virus.’ ” Hackers are gaining access to people's computers after they download files or click on links. Police say people should delete emails from unknown senders

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