I asked this question recently to our listeners on facebook and the response was pretty much overwhelming.  YES!  Most our listeners feel they would have more time for themselves, being the number one reason.  A three day weekend to really relax and enjoy life.


However, not everybody felt that way.  One listener who had actually worked that schedule previously, said that he spent a whole day doing chores and going to appointments on one of those days off anyway.


Another listener brought up a good point about what time you would start, and end the day.


Well, according to a new study out of New Zealand, a (4) 10 hour work week makes us more productive, less stressed and happier.

Now, Perpetual Guardian employees are allowed to work just four days with the option to come into the office for five if they need. “For us, this is about our company getting improved productivity from greater workplace efficiencies… there’s no downside for us,’ company founder Andrew Barnes previously told Metro. “The right attitude is a requirement to make it work — everyone has to be committed and take it seriously for us to create a viable long-term model for our business.”

It sure seems like our listeners in the Bismarck Mandan area want this.  Will employers listen?

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