A 37-year-old Bismarck woman got scammed online and the Bismarck Police were called in to investigate the case.

According to KFYR-TV, the woman started an online relationship with someone who claimed to be a male doctor in Syria. This started in early February.

He then took the relationship to asking for money. He offered the Bismarck lady $20 million and the only obligation on her part was to pay for the shipping costs of $750.

The woman wired funds to some place in Ghana.

Then to up the ante, the man now demanded $26,500. When she denied that request, the man threatened to release nude photos she sent him earlier.

It was at this last threat and demand, the woman contacted the Bismarck Police Department.

The Bismarck Police Department is investigating the case.​

A reminder, there is no such thing as free money online or you shouldn’t have to pay a handling fee for any type of money on line. And it goes without saying, never send your nude photos on line.

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