Let's face it...The workday can be stressful.  The Boss, the deadlines, the copy machine that stopped working, that super slooooow computer of yours and did we mention your boss?  You and your workplace deserve and "escape"!

Introducing the Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse Office Bash.  You could be the hero of your workplace by winning them two buckets of beer, two pizza's and 30 wings from Borrowed Bucks. (A $100 dollar value)  And, it's real easy to win.  Just listen to US 103-3 & Rick Rider at work and he'll tell you when to call in and win around 3:20pm every Thursday afternoon.

Yep, we make the workday bearable.  Be sure to start your day at the office with Steve Bakken from 8am to 10am...Jess on the Job takes the stress away from 10am to 3pm and Rick Rider brings you home at 3pm.  And, nobody will have more country for you on the job.  We play at least 10 in a row every hour (more often than not, it's more than that)

So we promise you the MOST country at work, dj's that will not only entertain you, but talk about local things you care about right here in Bismarck Mandan.  Plus, we'll reward you with a "Bucks Bash"!  Yep, just think of all the love you'll get at your workplace for giving them an AWESOME hook-up like this.  Beer, pizza and wings.  It doesn't get any better than this.  Just listen to US 103-3 on your radio, smart speaker or stream at work and be ready to call in and win Thursday's at 3:20pm.



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