As we watch professional sports navigate the new normal with empty rinks, stadiums and ballparks, you have to wonder...Will fans be allowed at High School sporting events this coming fall and winter?  Well, the good news for now is "YES"!  Key words being "for now".

Bismarck Public Schools has 3 levels to determine what will happen with the upcoming school and sports seasons.  Blue/Green phase, Yellow phase and Orange/Red phase.  Here's how these colors will affect your attendance this coming football, volleyball, hockey, basketball and more seasons.

We are currently in the Blue/Green phase which is good.  This means you can attend games but there will be restrictions.  Including no more than 500 spectators in a venue  or 75% capacity.  Fans will be asked to socially distance to the maximum extent.  No loitering with athletes before or after the games on the playing surfaces or stands.  Spectators should remain two empty seats from other parties in the stands.  (6 feet)   Booster gatherings before or after events will be prohibited on the school grounds or buildings.  Spectators must vacate the facility immediately following the game is over.  Masks or face coverings are recommended for all fans who attend the games.

Okay, so a bunch of rules, but sure beats the alternative right?  No fans altogether or very limited.  Speaking of which.  Here's what would happen if we were in a yellow phase.  All of the same rules would apply as Blue/Green phase with the following exceptions.  No more than 250 fans in a venue or 50% capacity.  Spectators must have two empty seats from other parties (6 feet) with alternate rows between spectators.  I spoke with Scott Nustad Bismarck High's Activity's Director and he told me if we reach this color, fans will likely be limited to parents only.  He also said BPS will plan to "live stream" as many games as possible because of possible fan exclusions.  We will also be carrying a large number of football, basketball and hockey games on Super Talk 1270 for the same reason this season.

So what happens if we go into Orange/Red?  Don't even ask.  Sporting events would be history.

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