It's kind of frustrating, to be honest. 

First off, I know why we have left-turn lanes on streets.  What bothers me is streets where you have a left turn lane, yet no green arrow ever appears.  Only a green light, where it is nearly impossible to ever turn left.  All a person can do is to take a quick left after the light maybe turns yellow, but most of the time it's red.  One car at a time.  It's an absolute nightmare.  Not to mention not very safe.

I asked Bismarck Mayor Steve Bakken about my ponderous question and he said the lights are set up for optimum traffic flow.  In other words, you only get a green arrow protected left turn if there's enough traffic.  You know, street intersections like Washington and Expressway and University and Expressway.

However, I beg to differ.

If you try to turn left at rush hour at just about any of the intersections off of South Washington, like West Avenue C and Washington or Rosser and Washington you have NO CHANCE!  You will sit there in the left lane with no protected green arrow left turn and you will not be able to take your left until the light is yellow or more than likely red.

Even when I try to take a left to get on South Washington from Rosser during the lunch hour to workout at the YMCA, you're lucky if one car gets a shot before the light turns red.

I understand only having the protected left-turn green arrow if traffic warrants it, but I'm telling you, these streets that intersect with South Washington do.  Same with many of the intersections downtown.  Trying to take a left off Rosser downtown is brutal during drive times.

That's my driving rant for today.

I believe, we need to reevaluate some of our left turn intersections in town.  Who's with me?



Bismarck Mandan's Worst Intersections

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