If you have spent any time in North Dakota, you've probably noticed A LOT of people back into parking spots.


But, have you wondered why?  You see it, especially in large parking lots at sporting events or concerts.  Even at places like Kirkwood Mall, Sanford Hospital, or a crowded restaurant parking lot like Texas Roadhouse.

I guess I always figured it was because people want to be able to get out of their parking spot without backing up when they leave.

As it turns out, that is true, but there are several other factors that make backing into a parking spot beneficial.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

I sat down with one of Bismarck's finest to see what exactly else might motivate people to park this way.

First off, the police officer told me that AAA recommends drivers back into parking spots whenever possible.

There are two main reasons for this.  #1 safety and #2 visibility when it comes to busy parking lots.  The exception to this recommendation would be if the parking lot has angle parking spots.  Then, you are advised to follow the flow of traffic and pull forward into the parking spot.

As you probably guessed, the invention of cameras in vehicles that assist you when you back up is a game changer.

It's made parallel parking tolerable.  Chores like lining up the ball on your pickup truck to hitch up your boat are now not so complicated.  These cameras make backing into a parking spot relatively easy as well.

Two other reasons why backing into a parking spot is a good idea.

#3 Easy Access. 

The police officer explained to me that if you were to have problems with your vehicle while you're in that spot in the lot, you have easy access to your car.  Let's say you kill your battery.  This way a tow truck will have no issues with reaching your vehicle with a jump.

#4 Weather.

Is there anything more embarrassing than backing out of your driveway and going into the ditch?  The snow has caused me to do that for a time or two.

I know several times this past winter with all the snow we received, I found myself backing into my driveway before a storm, so it would be easier for me to leave my house.  The same principle applies to big parking lots in the wintertime.  Snow, ice, and freezing rain make it slippery to navigate backwards.

There you have it.  Several reasons why backing into a parking space makes a lot of sense.  It's not just people showing off.

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