This is going to start a bit of controversy but according to 24/7 Wall St., they have published a list of the worst city to live in every state.

Scott Olson/ Getty Images
Scott Olson/ Getty Images

24/7 Wall St. used several factors to determine the worst city in every state to reside.

A few of the indicators the authors studied were attractions like restaurant, movies and entertainment. Access to education and the affordability to housing was part of the study. The weather was also an important factor for the list of the worst city in every state to live. The economy was also part of the study and the job market or unemployment.

24/7 Wall St. listed Fargo as the worst city to live in North Dakota. The publication viewed Fargo as the most violent city on the state, although safer than most cities in the rest of the country. Also against Fargo was the cost of buying a house, it was more expensive in Fargo in comparison to Bismarck.



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