There they go again! The folks at Yahoo Travel always seem to come up with these lists of the favorite places, landmarks, hotels and so on. This time, the amazing folks at Yahoo came up with a list of the most ridiculous landmarks in each state.

I have to admit, there are some real doosies out there.

In Alabama, they have the Lady in the Lake, where you can indeed fish between her legs!

In Colorado, it's the creepy blue statue at the Denver Airport. For a state known for its natural beauty, what in the heck were they smoking when the made this huge blue horse statue with scary, glowing red eyes.

In North Dakotas favor, they replaced ridiculous with whimsical. Our landmark would be the Enchanted Highway.

ND Tourism Dept
ND Tourism Dept

The Enchanted Highway is West of Bismarck on I94 at exit 72 at Regent, ND.

The roadside art features geese in flight, tin man family and more.

It's definitely worth the day trip.

I thought it could have been the big buffalo in Jamestown or maybe the big roadside bird in Steele.

You think Yahoo got it right?

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