Every state has a fast food capital. We're talking about the city that has the most fast food restaurants in comparison to the population. Because, you know sometimes, you just need that late night munch.

For this research we turn to Find The Home.com for the numbers. The data looked at the highest density of fast food restaurants in each state in comparison to the population. They calculated the number of fast food restaurants per 10,000 people.

Before we announce the fast food capital of NoDak, let's think about this. With the population of Fargo and the college, wouldn't it be that winner? What about Grand Forks? The same statistics could apply to Grand Forks. You would be incorrect with both of those cities as a guess.

The fast food capital of North Dakota would be Devil's Lake. With a population of 7,218, Devil's Lake has 5.54 fast food restaurants for every 10,000 people. And the researchers have McDonald's as the notable restaurant. (really?)

Scott Olson/ Getty Images
Scott Olson/ Getty Images

You can find the fast food capital for every state here.



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