Everyone loves a good, thick and juicy steak! A bad steak can ruin your meal and put that steakhouse on the list of places where you'll never visit again. Thrillist listed the best steakhouse in every state. Guess where the best steak is in North Dakota? This could mean a day trip!

Yes, pack the car and head out of Bismarck if you're going to go by the Thrillist list of the best steakhouse in North Dakota. How did Thrillist come up with this list?

But we wanted to at least know what residents consider the top spot to eat meat in each of their respective states, and to do that, we spoke to locals, chefs, and state tourism boards, as well as consulted online reviews. And after all the opinions were tallied, we narrowed it down to these 51 spots, or the filet mignon of American steakhouses.

For the best steakhouse in North Dakota, you'd have to travel to Devils Lake at The Ranch!

While a lot of big-city restaurants claim to have a “supper club” atmosphere, it takes a restaurant in a barn in the middle of North Dakota to really capture the essence of what one is. Opened in 1946 on a family homestead in Devils Lake, The Ranch quickly became a favorite of traveling salesmen and hunters. Even today, with its remote location, the warm hospitality and extensive menu of North Dakota comfort food draws people from all over. And despite the oil boom, it still keeps its prices low; as in a 9oz filet mignon for an eye-popping $29.

The Ranch is open 7 days a week (evenings) and accepts reservations. You can peek at the menu here.

Dylan Rives / Getty Images
Dylan Rives / Getty Images

Did Thrillist get it right? Have you eaten at The Ranch? Is there another great place in the state to enjoy a good steak?

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