Before today, we had 3 straight days of declining numbers of COVID-19 cases in the state of North Dakota.  Today we had a modest increase of numbers, but still fairly low at 586 positive cases. Yesterday, we had our lowest numbers since back in October. I'm probably totally jinxing us, but what happened to this big coronavirus spike we were supposed to get after North Dakotan's broke the rules, and didn't just stay home with their immediate families over Thanksgiving. I know for a fact that the Governor was fully expecting a big increase in numbers. As you can see by the latest numbers from the North Dakota Department of Health, that has yet to happen. Here's today's numbers.


The daily positivity rate is obviously much higher than health officials would like to see at 11.2 percent. We continue to lose loved ones with another 30 people who died yesterday. That brings that total to 1064 people who have died in the state of North Dakota due to COVID-19. We also have a high number of people in our hospitals, which is cause for concern. 337 people are currently hospitalized in the state, which is overwhelming our health facilities. That is some of the not so good news we are dealing with in the state.

However, there is some good news. North Dakota no longer leads the nation in positive cases per capita. We've dropped to fourth over the last week. Let's hope this trend continues. People are obviously doing a better job of social distancing. I might be getting ahead of myself, but I ask the question again, "What happened to the big COVID-19 Thanksgiving spike we were supposed to see. Experts thought we would see this about two weeks after Thanksgiving. So, if my math is correct, it should happen by this Thursday.

I'm not so sure it will. I cancelled my plans to go to the Twin Cities to see my family over Thanksgiving. I did it for several reasons, it just seemed like the right thing to do. We stayed back in Bismarck, and I made a point to see what was happening on my block. To be honest, I did not notice any large gatherings. In fact, you never would've guessed it was a holiday if you didn't know better. I made a trip to the grocery store, and noticed the same thing outside my neighborhood. I believe people behaved. Time will tell, but this so called Thanksgiving spike might not be a thing at all.



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