It is grilling season and here in North Dakota, we love a big-fat barbecue! We love to break out the grill and enjoy our summer months.

And it doesn't matter where we BBQ. Grilling is great at the lake, on the river or while camping or in our backyards. We just LOVE IT!  Who doesn't like to be invited to a BBQ?

And when you're invited to a cookout, it's only proper to bring a side dish or at least offer to bring something to add to the grill.

Taste of Home recently published a list of What Every State Would Bring to a Summer BBQ.

When these national publications posts these lists of what every state would do, I am sometimes skeptical. This time, I think Taste of Home nailed it for North Dakota.

The item selection for North Dakota was walleye! YES, I agree! Bravo Taste of Home, you got it right. I bet you have walleye in your freezer right now. Taste of Home suggested to batter up walleye to serve, I say, season the walleye and grill it!

We are blessed to have an abundance of this very clean tasting fish. Before I moved to the Midwest, and being a Cajun from South Louisiana, I had other ideas of my favorite tasting fish. It took one bite of walleye and I found fish heaven! Walleye on the grill is simply the best!

Some of the suggestions from other states include

  • South Carolina: Grilled Chipotle Shrimp
  • South Dakota: Rich Fruit Kuchens
  • Wisconsin: Barbecue Brats & Peppers
  • Mississippi: Southwestern Catfish
  • Kansas: BBQ Country Ribs

You can see the entire list for every state here.

Hungry yet?

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