What concert would you like to see at the Bismarck Event Center or come to the area? Many people love concerts and are so happy that we are finally getting back into the concert world again or as some would say we are returning back to normal. It's been a long time coming to finally return to normal and I'm extremely happy that concerts are coming back to the area.

One concert that I'd really like to see is either Cole Swindell, or Garth Brooks hopefully they both deside to come to the capital city. Concerts are like an out for most people and I think most people find comfort at concert as kind of an escape from the real world. It's like a night where you can just be yourself and forget about life struggles or problems.

What concerts would you like to see come to the Bis-Man area? I think Luke Combs would be a great person to bring to the Bis-Man area. He always puts on a hell of a concert and would be awesome to bring to the Bismarck Event Center. I've had the chance to see him in concert and he knows how to put on a heck of a concert.

Since the pandemic the Bismarck Event Center has gotten the chance to host two concerts Toby Keith, Lee Brice and they will be hosting Foreigner on June 26, 2021 and Justin Moore later on this year. Hopefully this is just the start to the concerts that the Bismarck Event Center will be getting! Who would you like to see?


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