A Ward County Jail inmate was charged with aggravated assault after punching out a fellow jailbird in a fight over...Wait for it...Ramen Noodles.

According to KFYR-TV, The Ward County Sheriff's Department reported in a criminal affidavit that Jesse Jones, 32, was charged after involved in a weekend scuffle with an unnamed prisoner that was captured by a surveillance camera.

The camera showed Mr. Jones and the other man having a "discussion" at a table. Investigators say the former assumed a fight stanced and punched the other man twice.

NBC/North Dakota news says the accuser told guards that Mr. Jones managed to break his jaw in two places. He said he apparently lost consciousness during the scrap.

The victim confirmed that the fight was over Ramen Noodles. Further details were not available.

Jesse Jones made his appearance in court on the charge Monday. He was in jail on "unrelated misdemeanor" charges.

[Source: KFYR-TV News]





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