Do you have travel plans in 2021?  Are you hoping to take a trip and forget about this nightmare we called 2020?  Hopefully, you'll have somewhere from 600 to 2,000 dollars to blow courtesy of the government as well.  Hold the phone, you'll need a passport.  Not just any old passport, but a passport from the United States Government stating you've had the COVID-19 vaccine.  This passport will be stored on an app on your phone.

Think this is far fetched?  No way the United States could ever mandate such a thing?  By the way, this passport won't be for just jumping on a plane.  It would be required for any large gatherings like concerts, sporting events, or semi large gatherings in small venues like movie theaters.  If it were to go that far, is it safe to say that even going to places like grocery stores or Walmart would be next?  What about your job?  If you work in a large office, could proof of a COVID-19 vaccine be needed to work?  Will large companies across the country begin to mandate this?

Yikes, this is starting to sound like a biblical prophecy?  Could the number of the beast be your COVID-19 vaccine passport?  I hardly think so, but according to some of the posts I've read on facebook forums, some believe that is the case.

According to an article on CNN Business, tech companies are busy working on a app that will gather all your COVID-19 data, and vaccine information and status.  This could make travel difficult for people like my Father who still has a flip phone.

One things for sure, with vaccines rolling out in 2021 and people anxious to get back to some form of normalcy, there will be changes in everyday life.  This you can count on.


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