I sometimes think I missed my calling as a real estate agent, as I love to scroll through properties on my phone.  It's so fun to dream about going bigger, smaller, or how about a home with a really, really BIG backyard?  If you have kids, I may have found the property for you.  Oh, one thing, it will set you back 1.35 MILLION dollars!

I searched Zillow Bismarck to find the home in Bismarck with the biggest backyard.  Now, before the "Karen's" or internet police try to find a bigger backyard somewhere?  This is according to Zillow, and I didn't count the rural properties outside the city.

Introducing, 1938 Santa Gertrudis Drive in Bismarck, North Dakota.  This MASSIVE property both inside and out, features surprisingly only 3 bedrooms and 4 baths.  However, plenty of room to build additional rooms with 6,716 square footage available.  

The backyard was the largest available on Zillow according to my search.  How about 4.65 acres?  You better have a squadron of riding lawnmowers at your disposal.  I suppose, if you can afford this home, you can pay somebody else to mow your yard.

This home is also known as the Clairmont Home.  Zillow, calls this opportunity as a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of NW Bismarck's History.  So, let's get to it, check out these photos!

Biggest Backyard for sale In Bismarck



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