US 103-3 & Mandan Sporting Goods wants you to win a $500 dollar gift card.  You just need to know "The Critter of the Day."  (Be sure to check back daily.  It's updated by 8 am each and every weekday)

The Critter Of The Day For Thursday, November 11th.  Canvasback Duck!


The Critter Of The Day For Friday, November 12th.  Pintail Duck!

Rick Rider

Just listen to call in weekdays at 8:05 am, 3:05 pm & 4:05 pm to win a $10 dollar gift card from Mandan Sporting Goods and be qualified for the $500 dollar grand prize to be given away on Friday, November 12th at 4:05 pm.  Make sure you listen to win!

(*You can only win once every 30 days on this game.)


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