For up-and-coming country stars, hearing your song the radio for the first time is a big deal. For those who hear their song while driving, that moment might mean rolling down the windows and blasting the song for all to hear -- or, in Tyler Rich's case, getting better reception first!

In 2018, Rich released his debut studio single, "The Difference," and the first time he heard the song on the radio, he was driving through his home state of California -- right outside one of country music's landmark origin towns, in fact: Bakersfield. But when the local radio station KUZZ announced that his song was up next, Rich had to make a quick change of direction to celebrate the big moment. Read on for the full story.

I was driving down the highway in California, right outside of Bakersfield -- which is huge for California country -- and, somehow, through this static, I hear, "And coming up next, we have a brand-new country artist with his debut single -- California native. The song is called [static noise] "The Difference" [static noise].

I was like, "PULL OVER! Turn around! We gotta go the other way!" And so we turned around and went the other way [to find a better signal].

We pulled over at this gas station at a random exit in the middle of nowhere and danced around in the parking lot, singing the song. It was just really cool.

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