Nope, Tyler Hubbard singing to his baby girl doesn't look anything like what we look like when we sing to our kids, but there's a lot to appreciate about the Florida Georgia Line singer's dad-ness.

Hubbard's wife, Hayley, posted this video of Hubbard singing "Stand by Me" to their 2-month-old baby girl, Olivia. It's just the most recent video or photo she's shared on Instagram of her husband loving dad life. We get a sense it's always like this, which if it weren't so adorable, would be enough to throw a new mom and dad into a fit of jealous rage. Instead, we found the sexy.


Possibly a real conversation that just took place in the Taste of Country office:

Person 1: Umm, can he come over and sing to my baby?
Person 2: You don't have a baby.
Person 1: I'll find one if he's gonna come looking like that.

So yeah, Hubbard looks pretty good with no shirt on and ink popping thanks to a well-chosen Instagram filter.


Baby girl is just two months old, but Tyler and Hayley have found peace of mind enough to be sitting around singing nearly 60-year-old soul songs to her. Many new moms would have fallen asleep by the chorus, but these two look like they'll soon be making another! If they cut a similar video when she's teething we're done!

Hot Digs

The Hubbards have style! White and dark wood accent what we assume is the living room. There's a little photo collage off in the distance. Surely it has real photos in it and not the ones you get when you buy the frames (cough, cough). Check out that end table! It looks carved out of a giant tree stump, only for sale at World Market.

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