Tyler Farr is Hank Williams, Jr.’s self-proclaimed biggest fan, and he tells Taste of Country Nights that when he finally got to meet him, the interaction was as unpredictable and on-brand as he could’ve hoped.

Farr says when he played the Taste of Country Music Festival a few years ago, Bocephus’ camp asked Farr to close it out alongside Bocephus singing “Family Tradition.”

Farr, who has a framed T-shirt signed by Williams and a collection of his albums at home, of course agreed. Then, on stage, Williams addressed the crowd with something totally unexpected — he called out Farr by name.

“He goes, ‘If you don’t like Kid Rock...if you don’t like Tyler Farr…’ I was like, that’s me!” Farr remembers. “'You can kiss…’ I’m not gonna say it because I’m polite. But he bent over and pointed — I guess in case people don’t know where the glutes are located — he bent over and pointed to ‘em.”

After the show, Farr says he wanted to thank Williams for saying his name from the stage and found him in his blacked-out Yukon ready to leave. Before he could even thank him, Farr says Williams interrupted.

“‘Hand him my hat,’” Farr remembers Williams saying, indicating he wanted Farr to give Williams’ hat to Williams' manager. Of course, Farr did as he was told. Then he was given some wisdom.

“He goes, 'I’m gonna tell ya som’ — a lot of people' — he didn’t say this, but you can put in your mind what he said — ''mess' this ‘crap' up but you did it right, brother.’ And then he just slams the door and peels off. And I’m like, ‘I think that went well.’”

Though Farr admits no one else was there to testify to the story, you can hear him tell it in his own words in the clip below, as well as talk about newlywed life.

Farr is set to play ToC Fest again in June of 2017, and he's looking forward to the release of a new album and a reality TV show. He released a new single called "I Should Go to Church Sometime" on April 24.

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