The Minnesota Twins might actually be worth watching on TV this year.

However, there's a lot of uncertainty about how you might be watching the Twins this year on TV.  More on that in a moment.

After sweeping the Kansas City Royals to begin the season last weekend and winning one game in Miami earlier this week, the Twins are 4-2 to start the season.  Not a bad start for the club, but what's even more encouraging is how good the starting pitching has been this year.

Twins starters have been basically lights out.  Including the newly acquired starter through a trade with the Miami Marlins, Pablo Lopez.  In both losses this year, Twins starters only surrendered one run.  If the Twins would've found a little offense to go with those starts, the Twinkies could be 6-0.

Ironically, it's National Twinkie Day today by the way, as the Twins prepare for their home opener.

It was supposed today at Target Field in Minneapolis, but it was moved to Friday (tomorrow) at 3 pm due to inclement weather expected in the Twin Cities today.  Minnesota will open up at home against the Houston Astros.

How you watch the Minnesota Twins on TV will likely be changing in the next couple of weeks.

Bally Sports, which is owned by Diamond Sports Media is going bankrupt.  They are restructuring and are seeking to walk away from their most unprofitable TV contracts with pro sports teams.  Unfortunately for Twins fans, this includes Minnesota, according to Next TV.   It's unclear if this will also affect the Wild and Timberwolves in the future.

The company has under two weeks to make their payment to retain the rights to broadcast Twins games.  It appears unlikely that will happen.

Now before Twins fans start to panic too much, Major League Baseball has said several times they will step in to make sure the games are available for any of the teams affected by Bally Sports' bankruptcy.

However, nobody seems to know exactly how Major League Baseball will make these games available.  There was some talk on sports talk radio the last couple of days this might mean you will have to stream the games.

For Twins fans used to watching the games on cable, this could come as a shock.  Not everybody has a smart TV yet.  Especially for older baseball fans, this could be a difficult task.

Stay tuned, we'll find out more in the next couple of weeks, but change appears to be inevitable for Twins fans.

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