Well, now that we are well into the month of August the one question most of us seem to ask - "Is this year over yet?". Seems like we have been through this whole coronavirus disaster for some time now. The deaths continue at an alarming rate, businesses closing AGAIN, and more and more people becoming unemployed. When all of this madness first came about ( back in early March ) did you ever imagine what our country would become? Schools closing, major sporting events abruptly canceled and self-quarantine. The scariest part ( besides all of the deaths ) is our economy plummeting, and so many Americans now in constant fear of being out of a home - The stimulus checks that went out last April was definitely a huge help, but the realization that it wouldn't be enough for the majority became clear.

The grim stats that North Dakotans were evicted in March were not as much as the past pre-virus years, however, "More than three months after the state Supreme Court reversed its decision to halt eviction hearings, and now that the $600 a week federal pandemic unemployment benefits have ended, some believe eviction case filings may increase in the coming months".  Author C.S. Hagen goes on to point out "People facing eviction can seek help through a state program called COVID-19 Emergency Rent Bridge. It provides rental assistance to those experiencing a loss of income due to the pandemic. Since launching in May, the program has helped over 300 renters in 15 counties, state officials said. To qualify, a household's income must be at or below 60% of the area median income".  When families are doing all they can, is it right to evict them? For more on this story click here.



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