Did you get a chance to see Tigirlily, the two girls from North Dakota, perform in Medora? They came back for a one night show on July 5, 2021. It was a full house and it's always wonderful to get to see them put on a show when they are back home. The girls come back once or twice a year to play a show or two. They played the main stage at the Medora Musical and had a special guest, Gwen Sebastian, sing with them. They had Lets Dance Studio open up for them and those girls did a wonderful job dancing.

Tigirlily lives in Nashville, Tennessee, but came back to do a show at the Medora Musical. They had the full band there and they also just recently landed a record deal. A few weeks prior to their show in Medora they played a show at Laughing Sun Brewery in Bismarck. That same day they did a bunch of radio and tv interviews and came to our studios on the strip in Mandan, ND.

Many of us North Dakotans are really happy for the girls and we try to support them in any way that we can. They try to do shows for us back home also. The crowd really enjoyed the show. It had rained for most of the day, but the rain quit so they were able to have the show. Have you had the chance to see Tigirlilly perform? If so, what venue did you get to watch them play at?

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