Christmas lights and decorations in North Dakota.  Who goes all out the most?

According to an article on Mixbook, on the Top 75 Best Christmassy Towns in America, one North Dakota city managed to make the list.  This list was based on a survey of 3,000 families.  More on that in just a moment.

I also asked our listeners recently on air and online, which North Dakota cities are most decked out for the holidays.  I will reveal the Top 10 cities/towns in just a minute as well.

Before I get to North Dakota's number one city from the Mixbook article (which coincidently also did very well with our listeners), let's look at our neighboring states and which cities made the Top 75 Best Christmassy Towns in America.

The cities just outside of North Dakota that are lit the most.

#24 Deadwood, South Dakota.  This is one of my favorite cities any time of year, and now I've got another reason to visit.

#57 Bozeman, Montana.  Bozeman has really turned into a tourist town (much to the chagrin of most Montanans), but the city still knows how to deck the halls when the holidays roll around.

#68 Stillwater, Minnesota.  Stillwater is located southeast of St. Paul, Minnesota.  There's no "Grinch problem" in this Minnesota town as it lights up the winter sky for miles with all of its Christmas lights and numerous decorations.

How about the North Dakota city that made the Top 75 Christmassy Towns in America?

#63 Medora, North Dakota.  No real big surprise here.  Medora is one of North Dakota's favorites any time of year but is especially loved during Christmas.  It also was very high on our very own North Dakota's Most Christmassy Towns survey.

North Dakota's Most "Lit" Christmassy Towns list?

Again, this was according to our listeners on air and on our social media pages.

10. Ellendale.  Lot's of small-town Christmas charm in this city.

9.  Mandan.  Downtown Mandan knows how to decorate.

8.  Wahpeton.  Very pretty downtown area.

7. Carrington.  Another small-town that takes pride in its holiday decorating.

6. Minot.  The "Magic City" is pretty magical over the holidays.

5.  Fargo.  Plenty of Christmas things to explore in North Dakota's biggest city.

4.  Grand Forks.  Beautiful downtown Christmas lights & decorations in the Forks.

3.  Bismarck.  A city with "Candy Cane Lane" & "Chmieliwski's Christmas Corner".

2.  Medora.  The Badlands mixed with plenty of Christmas spirit.

Google Maps Screenshot
Google Maps Screenshot

1.  Garrison.  The city with the Dickens Village Festival edges out Medora for #1 in the state.

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