UGLY is an ugly word.

Nobody likes to be called "ugly", even a state.  The folks at "Thrillist" have come out with a list of the 50 states ranked from the ugliest to the most attractive.

North Dakota didn't get a lot of love in this article.  We're not the ugliest but we're on the side of a redheaded stepchild.  I get the feeling we received a lot of our judgment on how cold our winters can be.  Sure, winter isn't for everybody but there's something really beautiful even about winter in this state in my opinion.  Yea, I hate 20 below and wind like the rest of you, but I love the change of seasons and wouldn't want it any other way.

So, where did North Dakota officially land?

We came in at #40 or the 11th ugliest state in America.  Kansas gets the title of the Ugliest of the ugly and came in at #50.  The most beautiful state?  They gave that title to California.  I spent two long years living in that state, and all I can say I couldn't wait to get back to North Dakota.  Sure, it's beautiful, but the people are scary.  Not my kind of lifestyle.

Yea we might be a "flyover state" but as Jason Aldean sings, "Take a ride across the badlands, feel that freedom on your face, breathe in all that open space."

South Dakota by the way, came in as the 25th ugliest state, so right smack in the middle.  Minnesota was number 24 and Montana came in at number 11.

Video courtesy of the Jason Aldean YouTube Channel.



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