We've all said it before, "a table with a view please".

For those special occasions, sometimes the best seat in the house is a table with the best view. And the view could be of the city, lake or mountain. Different cities and towns have different views to appreciate.

Cheapism.com recently published a list of the restaurant with the best view in every state.

I want you to think about this, where would the restaurant with the best views in North Dakota be located?

I was thinking in Medora. Have you ever been to the pitchfork cookout before the musical? The views are magical!

According to Cheapism.com, the best view in North Dakota is in the town of St. Michaels on Devils Lake. You'll have to enter Spirit Lake Casino and Resort, and the house restaurant is called "The View". Imagine that!

The View is best known for their porterhouse steak and their large windows to enjoy the view.

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