The Cadillac Three have released the title track from their upcoming album, Legacy. Readers can press play above to hear the sweet, sentimental ode to a lifelong love, accompanied by wedding and family photos from the band's members.

"Legacy" was written by TC3's Jaren Johnston, along with Ben Burgess and Laura Veltz.

“"Legacy" is a song I am super proud of,” Johnston tells American Songwriter. “In the past, I’ve given away songs of this caliber because I didn’t feel our band was ready to take on that role. Or maybe I wasn’t ready to sing those types of lyrics. I think our band is ready, and I am there now. This is the perfect song for where we all are in our lives.”

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An emotional ballad, "Legacy" talks about how it isn't the professional achievements or accolades that define a legacy, but love and family: "You're in everything coming off these strings / Baby you're the lead; I'm just the harmony / Behind every great man, they say there's a woman that made him that way / Looking at you, girl, it ain't hard to see."

"When I'm gone, my name carved in stone, that dash between the years is all that I left here / It won't be songs or stages I sang on," the chorus of "Legacy" goes. "Girl, as hall of fame as I want to be / A lifetime of you loving me / Yeah, that's a legacy ..."

"Legacy" is available for download now on iTunes; the album is available for pre-order, and will be released on Aug. 25. The Cadillac Three are currently on the road for their Black Roses Tour; tickets are available on their website.

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