Not long ago, the initials 'DIY' never existed. Then cable TV started to feature do it yourself shows and suddenly everyone thinks they can do anything. Everything from cooking to home projects.

Family released a list of the best home improvement stores in every region. In the early days, the only people who would visit these types of stores were construction workers, home builders or people building or updating their house.

Now with the do it yourself craze, everyone thinks they can build their own new addition to their house or project.

Because of these hands-on type of people, what use to be lumber stores are now home improvement stores and feature everything from hardware, lumber, plumbing to groceries. Some of the store have become one-stop shopping for anything you would need on the job-site or project.

Personally, when it comes to home improvement stores, I am not a handyman type of person. When I visit these types of stores, I normally walk in with a picture or item I need, ask for assistance and get the items and quickly leave. When I see all of these rows and rows of merchandise, I don't know what they are and what they do. On the other hand I have friends who can spend hours and hours in these stores.

Family relied on the statistics from Statistics Portal to rank every home improvement store in the region based on customer satisfaction. For the Midwest, Menards would not be the largest chain in the country compared to Lowes and Home Depot but they are #1 in our region. Shoppers like Menards for their low prices and is known for special deals and rebate offerings. Plus they sell everything from hardware to garden supplies to food.

Home Depot ranks second on the list but locally, HD is not in our area, so we'll move on.

Lowes ranks third on the list and is the leader in the DIY person. As a matter of fact, Lowes has been catering to the do it yourselfer the longest and also caters to shoppers with the “bulk contractor packs” which offer customers discounted products that they use most.

Also on the list are Do It Yourself stores and BMC.

Absent from the list is Ace Hardware which is one of my favorite hardware stores for the simple reason, I just feel comfortable in Ace and always get super customer service.

You can see the complete here.


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