Tis the season! Born, Raised, or Moved to North Dakota at some point in your life; hunting is serious business... State Holiday in some books! Heck! We both remember while at NDSU how there was not an instructor that actually held a mandatory class on the ND Deer Opener!


For many individuals asked, "Why do you hunt?" We are certain that it is almost more of a sentimental reason, a reminder of yonder years out with a parent or grandparent... or that crazy Aunt BEC or Fun Uncle Tigger that causes man or woman to pack up the truck, and head away from the city lights or stresses of everyday life.


Hunting... from pheasant to deer... coyote... For many, it is seen as a time when the work is put aside, and time is spent with those loved ones. Memories shared, and new memories made. See it's not about the biggest buck or the longest shot, although these events make for great tales to share... The time in the truck traveling out to "Your Spot" or sitting on the hillside, walking the miles in the snow to call in that coyote or laughing at the supper that night as all gather to share their day... those often are the times that matter most.

Be A Part, While Apart

Those that maybe do not feel comfortable hunting or are having to sit-out, out but wish their loved ones a truly wonderful time. No Worries! Consider looking for a small way, to still be involved in those cherished times... Consider now giving that "Hunter" in your life, a little something special. A token or gift that shows, you do care and support each other's interests, even if not riding shotgun... You will not be forgotten!

Gifts For The Hunter

Show You Care! Be A Part Of The Memory!

Now these are just a start... Ideas that won't "Break The Bank"!!! So keep riding along with us as we continue giving gift ideas throughout the months ahead!

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