Living paycheck to paycheck
Some of us live paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes it seems like we have more month than paycheck. Go Banking ranked the best and worst states to live in for the paycheck to paycheck rat race. Lets see what side of the list NoDak ranks.
Need a tip?
In a report released by Lavu, North Dakota is considered the worst state when it comes to the average percentage we leave for a tip.
Do you agree with this list?
While I was doing research for a blog, I ran across a story about 10 things every home in Louisiana has. This got me thinking, What are 10 things every home in North Dakota should have?
How Drunk?
Live released a list of the states with the highest amount of drunk driver incidents and I'm sure your wondering, where does North Dakota rate? Here is the good news, we're not number one, but we're up on the list.
We're pretty bad!
As summer approaches and teenagers start to get their drivers license, WalletHub recently published the best and worst states for teenage drivers. North Dakota is at the bottom of that list or one of the worst states for teenage drivers.
Are you happy?
Just how happy are you to go to work? It seems like we in North Dakota are much happier to go punch the time clock compared to those in Minnesota!
Cost of housing
When it comes to housing prices in North Dakota, I'm sure you think the state would rank among the highest prices for homes.  Do you think we'd be in the top 10 of the most expensive states? This list may surprise you.

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