People have been sharing their "old" High School Senior photos on social media in support of Class of 2020.  To be honest, when I first started seeing pictures pop up on facebook I didn't really see the connection.  The number one reason?  The majority of Seniors and class of 2020 are NOT on facebook!  Which leads me to the number two reason.  All you're really doing is saying, "Hey, look at me...and how good I once looked".  I know a little harsh, but that's how I perceived it from some of the people who posted their pictures.

Probably a better reason not to do it is because of a warning from the Better Business Bureau. (BBB)  According to an article on WGN tv in Chicago you are providing information that "scammers" can use to hack into your accounts.  "Name of High School" and "The Year You Graduated" are some of the most common password questions.

According to the article, "the BBB also warns against taking Facebook quizzes, as they can mine your answers for data about you."


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