Hard to believe we are nearing the end of Bike Night 2020, Tonight was our second to the last event, and as it's been all season we had near-perfect weather! Our regulars came out in full force making sure their punch-card was punched - a ton of people who have been with us every week! The usual display of beautiful bikes was there, all lined up for everyone to admire. The drama is building, for we have now finished 13 Bike Nights, and next week there will be grand prizes from so many of our sponsors. To describe a Bike Night to someone that's never been is easy - people getting together to share their most prized possession ( besides their significant other that is :) ) Their bike says it all to the kind of person they are - rings out personality. Very few have the same identical bike, and that's part of the charm. Our sponsors are the greatest - loved seeing Pam Emmil back - Her jewelry is amazing. check it out yourself at pamemmil.com. Shawn and Cynthia from C & S Truck-N-Trailer Repair out in Lincoln are big-time favorites of the Bike Night 2020 crowd - Thank you both for everything you have donated this Bike Night season. PLEASE remember this, our last week is next Wednesday - it's time for all of us to get together one last time and appreciate each other's company and to really absorb how wonderful the whole Sickies Garage staff has been since week one. We will see EVERYBODY out there NEXT WEDNESDAY - SEPTEMBER 2nd - Sickies Garage 5 pm - 9 pm. For those of you that have a bike in the running for the "Best Bike Of The Summer", make sure all your friends will be there to show support for YOU! As always, Bike Night 2020 would not be possible without all of our excellent sponsors:

Sickies Garage

Extreme Trailer Sales

Superior Silk Screen Inc.

Hampton Inn on Mapleton

Indian Motorcycle of Bismarck-Mandan

C & S Truck-N-Trailer Repair

Automotive Addictions

Law Tigers - North Dakota Motorcycle Lawyer

Roughrider Harley Davidson

ABATE of North Dakota

XP3 Gas & Fuel Additive - Jim Bauer XP3.com

ND Flagpole Guy.com

Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation

Haider Glass Specialties

Pam Emmil Creations


Red Bull

Jack Daniels

Dennis Kirk



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