Have you ever been on Lee Ave? It's a street in Bismarck, ND. Ever wonder why it isn't paved on the one end? I've been asking the same question for years. A good part of the street is gravel and in really tough shape. For many years I'd make the cut across from the south Walmart to Airport Road on Lee Ave and it was in really tough shape.

This must be one of the few streets in Bismarck, ND that isn't paved. I thought with it being right in town that the city would want it paved. If you don't know where this is at, it's right across from the south Walmart behind Harlow’s bus service. The street gets used a lot and that is why I'm surprised that it's not paved all the way through.

If you ever decide to drive on Lee Ave, be careful as the road is really rough. Over the years, I've seen gravel roads around the Bismarck-Mandan area get paved, and maybe this is on one of the lists. It definitely needs to be paved. What road in the Bis-Man area would you like to see get paved next? What are your thoughts? Do you think Lee Ave should be paved? How soon would you like to see it get paved? It will look really nice if the city decides to put the curb & gutter in and pave it.

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